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break down naturally through the action of biological agents

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In this study, UCMs in five lacustrine biodegraded oils with different biodegradation ranks from Nanxiang Basin, China, were separated with comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography/time-of-flight mass spectrometry (GC x GC/TOFMS) and identified by standard materials validation, structured chromatograms, and mass spectrums of target compounds.
Oils produced from the reservoirs in northern slope are almost biodegraded oils as their depth is lower than 1000 m.
Five biodegraded oils from the northern slope and one normal oil from the southern steep slope were analyzed (Figure 1).
Literatures have shown that biodegraded oils from the [Eh.sub.3.sup.2] sandstones in the northern slopecamefromthe [Eh.sub.3.sup.2] mudstones [14-16].
Through the above analyses we can conclude that biodegraded oils B276 to G574 are low mature oils with similar maturity.
Finally, at the end of its life, when the kid's new puppy made it its chew toy, that good old pillow was buried in the garden, where it biodegraded and returned to nature, from whence it came.
Long-term chlorine demand decreased with increased ozone dosage and was lower still in ozonated samples that were biodegraded. The decline in long-term (seven-day) chlorine residual could be modeled as a first-order reaction.
Because of the longer-lasting chlorine residuals in ozonated and biodegraded water, the appearance of bacteria was effectively delayed.
"Systems that can remove halogen substitutents from [TCPs] may produce compounds that can be more easily biodegraded.
Since the liquified waste can be handled by existing sewage treatment centers, this novel enzymatic approach may eventually permit diapers and other solid wastes to be processed and biodegraded in existing municipal sewage treatment centers.
According to the scientists, the cured, foamlike material is strong enough for commercial use and a third of it biodegraded within a month's time.
Even though xenobiotic compounds are often considered resistant to biodegradation, many are known to be biodegraded by the types of microorganisms that might be present in a biological filter.
Cross says this suggests they had either bound to the garbage or biodegraded.
Oil in the fertilized samples biodegraded up to twice as fast as oil in the unfertilized control samples, but significant biodegradation occurred even in the unfertilized controls.
"After this happens, they are no longer candidates for biological modifiers; they're no longer biologically active." Ampligen, however, has not yet caused antibody production in animals or humans, Carter says, "probably because it's biodegraded in the blood so fast."