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a microchip that uses tiny strands of DNA to latch onto and quickly recognize thousands of genes at a time

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A lot of people are working on this, so even if we fail, the biochips will still be a part of the future.
More than 8% of the population are suffering from food allergy, globally in which approximately 6% aged 0-2 years have a food allergy due to the increase in number of chronic cases such as asthma and multiple sclerosis and diseases like cancer and diabetes increased the demand for biochips has grown worldwide.
Technavio's report, Global Biochips Market 2016-2020, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts.
The main ambition of the collaboration is to construct robust lectin biochips through their integration with nanomaterials or with nanoscale patterning protocols to increase sensitivity and prevent non-specific protein adsorption, he added.
The engineers at Brown etched thousands of plasmonic interferometers onto a fingernail-size biochip and measured the concentration of glucose molecules in water on the chip.
Protein arrays are constructed on the surface of a biochip, and a carrier component transports biochips to different treatment stations within the analyzer.
The VeriScan 3000 bench top biochip system detects, measures and analyzes biomolecular and chemical interactions to enable more efficient and accurate research outcomes.
The investment in next generation biochip technology will give clinicians faster and more accurate diagnosis in a wider range of medical conditions.
Serum proteins are selectively bound to chemically active surfaces on biochips and rapidly scanned to obtain a spectrum of protein masses by a modified MALDI-Tof (matrix assisted laser desorption ionization--time of flight) MS instrument.
Zymoyx launched its Protein Profiling Biochip System, consisting of validated biochips, an Assay 1200 automated workstation, the Scanner 100 biochip reader and data analysis software.
Zyomyx' multiplexed, high-throughput Protein Profiling Biochips system lifts the constraints on protein analysis, allowing scientists to engage in more productive and cost-effective protein research.
Under the terms of the agreement, Roche Diagnostics will purchase, use and resell CombiMatrix's biochips (microarrays) and related technology for rapid production of customizable biochips.
Demand for biochips will amount to $650 million, while demand for related products and services, such as reagents, instrumentation, software, technical support and the like, will approach $1 billion.
Future generations of biochips and readers will allow for the performance of multiple diagnostic assays, including medical diagnosis.