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a biochemical catalyst such as an enzyme

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Almac has implemented state-of-the-art biocatalytic technology for rapid metabolite synthesis, isolation and structural identification.
Our proven biocatalytic approach should provide the critical pathway to developing economically feasible alternative transportation fuels from renewable resources," added Alan Shaw, Ph.
The developments especially concern the incorporation of nanoparticles in coatings formulations and the development of innovative polymeric coatings for UV protection, for ultra-barriers, for medical and biocatalytic applications, and for organic solar cell systems.
The biological response of a biosensor is determined by the biocatalytic membrane, which converts the substrate to a molecular product.
CHEMICALS Northwest, in conjunction with Bionow, has launched a new Centre of Excellence for Biocatalysis, Biotransformations and Biocatalytic Manufacture (Co EBIO3).
On another front, the investigators intend to create and use new physical, biocatalytic and molecular technologies for the efficient and sustainable "green" extraction and modification of plant polysaccharides.
4 million multi-year grant (79% of total project cost) dedicated to the development of a biocatalytic desulfurization process for gasoline.
Book 3: Catalytic membranes and catalytic membrane reactors (CMRs) - The principles of coupling a separation process with a catalytic reaction - Catalytic membranes: polymeric, inorganic and hybrid (materials and methods to heterogenize/confine a catalyst by membrane technology) - Biocatalytic membrane reactors and submerged membrane bioreactors (MBRs) - Pervaporation membrane reactors - Membranes and membrane reactors in artificial organs - Modelling of catalytic membranes and CMRs - Main industrial applications of CMRs (oxidation, dehydrogenation, hydrogenation reactions, etc.
The platform will address the needs of the pharma industry for performing essential biocatalytic reactions suitable for the production of million fold applied chiral active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) like Atorvastatin, Rosuvastatin and Duloxetine.
June 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Microvi Biotechnologies, a leading innovator of biocatalytic processes, working with the Advanced Biofuels Process Demonstration Unit (ABPDU) at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), has demonstrated breakthrough improvements to biological ethanol production.
Marine enzymes for biocatalysis; sources, biocatalytic characteristics and bioprocesses of marine enzymes.
The electrified snail, being a biotechnological living device, was able to regenerate glucose consumed by biocatalytic electrodes, upon appropriate feeding and relaxing, and then produce a new portion of electrical energy.
Early chapters describe the interface between nanoparticles, including quantum dots and carbon nanotubes, with biomolecules such as peptides and proteins for biosensing and biocatalytic applications.
This textbook is the second edition of a bestselling title offering an instructive and comprehensive overview of our current knowledge of biocatalytic processes in an industrial setting.
Objective: Photofuel studies and advances the biocatalytic production of alternative liquid transportation fuels, which require only sunlight, CO2 and water.