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a biochemical catalyst such as an enzyme

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Through protein engineering, designer enzymes can perform their biocatalytic function in these non-natural conditions, creating unique and efficient processes that could not otherwise be envisaged.
Included are stereoselective oxidation and reduction methods; stereoselective additions; cyclizations; metatheses and different types of rearrangements; asymmetric transition-metal-catalyzed, organocatalyzed, and biocatalytic reactions; methods for the formation of carbon-heteroatom and heteroatom-heteroatom bonds like asymmetric hydroamination and reduction amination, carboamination and alkylative cyclization, cycloadditions with carbon-heteroatom bond formation, and stereoselective halogenations; and methods for the formation of carbon-sulfur and carbon-phosphorus bonds and asymmetric sulfoxidation.
This library has allowed for the direct screening and characterization of each enzyme with several ketoesters and ketonitrile substrates [7, 8] and has led to biocatalytic products with better and opposite stereoselectivities than what has been reported by wild type bakers' yeast.
Biocatalytic synthesis of intermediates for the synthesis of chiral drug substances.
Polyvalent metals such as iron can form very stable complexes by binding to multiple functional groups on one dissolved organic matter molecule and are perhaps the most versatile of the biocatalytic elements (Peretyazhko & Sposito, 2006).
We were particularly interested in the biocatalytic process that leads up to the final compound," said Prof.
Codexis' proven technologies enable scale-up and implementation of biocatalytic solutions to meet customer needs for rapid, cost-effective and green process development from research to manufacturing.
Soil-based gene discovery: A new technology to accelerate and broaden biocatalytic applications.
Catalytic and biocatalytic oxidation of glucose to gluconic acid in a modified three phase reactor.
The patenting of research tools, protein design algorithms, and biocatalytic processes, for example, are all frequently approached via process claims that embody, explicitly or otherwise, some manifestation of nature.
Giorno, Biocatalytic Membrane Reactors: Applications in Biotechnology and the Pharmaceutical Industry.
In some cases traditional organic/inorganic catalysts or stoichiometric reactions could be replaced by biocatalytic (or enzymatic) routes, which offer environmental benefits.
Ultrasensitive aptamer-based protein detection via a dual amplified biocatalytic strategy.