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Synonyms for binomial

(mathematics) a quantity expressed as a sum or difference of two terms

having or characterized by two names, especially those of genus and species in taxonomies


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n is distributed binomially with a mean, E(n) = N x PD, and variance of VAR(n) = N x PD(1 - PD).
The statistical significance of differences in the rates of errors detected and recovered was assessed using logistic regression for binomially distributed data.
After determining if gear saturation occurred, binomially distributed generalized linear models (GLM's) were fitted to the proportional catch data.
The number of inpatient mental health days was specified as a negative binomially distributed outcome with a log link; unlike the Poisson distribution, the negative binomial distribution allows for overdispersion in the dependent variable (Hilbe 2007).
We also assumed that the amounts of the fetal-specific alleles for each fetus were binomially distributed.
2] := m[DELTA] represents a Gilbert-Shannon-Reeds shuffle: cut the deck binomially with parameter 1/2, then drop the cards one by one from either pile, where the chance of dropping from a pile is proportional to the number of cards currently in the pile.
Therefore, the sum of individual response observations is binomially distributed with parameters K and [p.
In the previous Nevins and Whitney model (Figure 1), the production process is assumed to be binomially distributed and the required production yield is set equal to the mean of the binomial.
Given N slots and n tags, r tags in one slot are binomially distributed with parameters n and 1/N:
Logistic regression is a technique that is similar to multiple regression but is used with binomially distributed dependent variables--in this case, whether the child was declassified.
If the user spreading code is random with odd number of chips N within one data bit duration, then B is binomially distributed with minimum value zero, average value of (N-1)/2 and maximum value of (N-1) [2,4,8].
Similarly, we posit that among the patients needing each measure's service, the number who receive it are also binomially distributed, with parameter recvp[i].
The descendent is created by applying variations, called mutations, binomially distributed (with mean equal to zero and variance [[sigma].