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Synonyms for binge

Synonyms for binge

a period of uncontrolled self-indulgence

Synonyms for binge

any act of immoderate indulgence

an occasion for excessive eating or drinking


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More than just overeating, binges occur when people lose a sense of control over their eating habits.
Overcoming binge eating; the proven program to learn why you binge and how you can stop, 2d ed.
Now, an analysis of binge drinking as either a predictor or outcome of unemployment has found that binge drinking among women seems to have a significant association with long-term unemployment.
PENSIONERS who binge drink twice a month increase the risk of serious mental decline by 147%, and are 149% more likely to have the poorest memory function.
Obesity, which occurs most often from overeating patterns directly associated with binge eating, is a complex phenomena, and the etiology of the disease is not quite clear.
Out of control" binge eaters may benefit from the Alzheimer's drug memantine, according to new research suggesting that the drug significantly reduces the frequency and severity of binge episodes, although it does not seem to induce weight loss.
It is interesting to point out the clear tendency to describe eating binges solely in terms of the large amount of food eaten.
Note: The method of determining frequency differs from that used for bulimia nervosa; future research should address whether the preferred method of setting a frequency threshold is counting the number of days on which binges occur or counting the number of episodes of binge eating.
In contrast, binge drinking in the last trimester of pregnancy was not associated with the likelihood that an infant was small for gestational age, but heavy alcohol consumption at this rime was associated with sharply elevated odds (4.
Episodes of binge drinking, defined as having five or more drinks in a sitting, increased 17 percent among all adults between 1993 and 2001, and shot up 56 percent among 18- to 20-year-olds, the telephone survey found.
Professionals emphasize that the key to treating binge eating is to discover why the sufferer binges and then address those problems in a holistic manner.
She says she would often go on eating binges to feel better, knocking off a dozen doughnuts or consuming large amounts of ice cream.
her team will report that daily treatment with another brain-opiate blocker reduced the number and intensity of binges in all but one person.
By contrast, binge eating disorder, a condition in which individuals experience frequent uncontrolled eating binges without purging, afflicts 3.
And the more alcohol those binges involved, the greater the likelihood of sexual assault.