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Synonyms for binge

Synonyms for binge

a period of uncontrolled self-indulgence

Synonyms for binge

any act of immoderate indulgence

an occasion for excessive eating or drinking


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com/mental-health/eating-disorders/binge-eating-disorder/binge-eating-disorder-causes) Binge eating  is associated with mental health problems and nearly half of bingers have been depressed, though the relationship between the two is not known.
The bingers who go to pubs and clubs can afford to buy premium poison, so making these cheaper drinks more expensive won't affect the core offenders.
Although the underlying reason for the higher stroke risk in bingers is not known, the researchers theorized that temporary elevation in blood pressure, heart rhythm abnormalities, and increased blood clotting associated with large doses of alcohol may explain the findings.
Some of our young bingers boast they can hold ten pints a session.
BRITAIN is a nation of Bankers, Blitzers, Builders and Bingers, according to a survey.
9), but among women who drank moderately to heavily in a typical week, bingers had increased odds of this outcome (2.
In fact, the researchers cite three studies since 1995 indicating that the African-American community has a higher proportion of abstainers and bingers than the white population does.
But Geest was in a win--win situation, as it also captured the country's bingers who pigged out on pizzas and cakes also supplied by the Peterborough-based group, and whose pizza sales rose 20 per cent in the period.
For many bingers, food has a numbing or sedative effect which promotes temporary feelings of well-being.
Among occasional bingers in the latest survey, 43 percent drove after drinking; among frequent bingers the level was 59 percent.
This newspaper has long campaigned for a minimum price for drink to curb young bingers so 40p a unit is a victory for The People.
And as years pass, a diet rich in these junk foods can lead bingers to effectively become hooked - just like a drug addict, reports The Daily Express.
NORTHERN Ireland is a country of weekday, stay-at-home-wine bingers, a survey has revealed.
ON-STREET drinking is to be banned in historic Durham City centre to crack down on bingers.