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Synonyms for binful

the quantity contained in a bin


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The Envirotec line starts with a binful of shredded WEEE plastic with more than 50% contamination from nonferrous metals, glass, stones, urethane foam, etc.
FOR wine novices, Christmas can often be full of anything but good cheer - yet more and more of us are buying it by the binful.
Andy Oppenheimer, a terrorism expert for Jane's Defence Journal, said: "A binful of cyanide would cause thousands of people to become incapacitated.
Investigation of a Flame examines the motivation and spiritual narrative of the Catonsville Nine, a group of clergy and laymen who non-violently entered an office of the Selective Service in 1968, grabbed a binful of draft papers, carried them outside and burned them with "homemade napalm.
As applications poured into our processing facility by the binful, the Federal Communications Commission--under whose auspices the program ran--debated whether to cut, delay or kill the program.
He knew that Bartley Green, the high-school boy, had a binful of coal for the furnace which he tended.