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Synonyms for binder

a machine that cuts grain and binds it in sheaves

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something used to bind separate particles together or facilitate adhesion to a surface

holds loose papers or magazines

something used to tie or bind


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In order to meet the research objectives, numerical simulations were performed by the AEMC tool of the SisPav software, while observing the effect of loading applied on the pavement and the effect of the type of binder that comprises the asphalt mixture on the [N.
Ashland will also showcase Soteras MSi, an anode binder that was launched earlier this year at Battery Japan, as well as its Bondwell CMC (carboxymethyl cellulose) anode binder, PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone) binder for coated separators, and Micropure NMP (N-methvl-2-Dvrrolidone) solvent for Drocessinq cathode electrodes.
Don't buy a binder that is marketed to lesbians, tomboys, or cosplayers/stage performers.
Binder suspected her singer husband of cheating on her, and two quarrelled often.
The design of a soil-binder mixture thus centres on the proper selection of two basic parameters: the strength grade of the binder (expressed in MPa), and the quantity (expressed in %) in which the binder is to be added to the soil, which has previously been analysed in terms of such parameters as grain size.
Driven by a rise in new housing starts and its ripple effect on the entire economy, robust demand for exterior architectural coatings is generating renewed interest in a versatile binder chemistry that meets low-VOC targets, offers formulation flexibility, and performs across the broad spectrum of substrates that comprise today's residential new build and repaint markets.
Agents authorized to execute written binders sometimes have authority to make an oral binder.
A basic bituminous binder function in HMA is to durable cover and connect aggregates in a monolith composite with desired properties, e.
This new petroleum-based binder has a longer mixed sand working life than previous PUNB binders, and it does not contain sulfur or furfuryl alcohol.
IN THIS article the effects of a new breast binder technology on post breast operation patients will be evaluated in comparison with the conventional crepe bandage.
In the 1990s, a new binder specification was introduced, the Superpave binder specification.
SAN DIEGO - Gynecologic surgery patients at the highest risk for postoperative complications who wore an abdominopelvic compression binder for 24 hours after surgery had significantly improved ambulation compared with those who did not wear the binder, results from a randomized trial showed.
Test results on binders extracted and recovered from the plant-produced mixes showed that as the RAP content in the mixture increased, the high-temperature grade of the recovered binder also increased, but only by a few degrees (5.
Binder-USA, LP is a subsidiary of Franz Binder GmbH & Co.
I have just finished restoring a McCormick corn binder that I think is about 90 years old.