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an easy return of a tennis ball in a high arc

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the act of propelling something (as a ball or shell etc

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propel in a high arc

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Step-by-step illustration of the procedure for computing the NMEP field for an HMF, as processed for the SPC HREF Ensemble Viewer, (a) The 24-h maximum UH (color fill; [m.sup.2] [s.sup.-2]) for member I of a CAM ensemble forecast, (b) For member I, the binary field generated by setting values to I at any grid point where a value of UH >75 [m.sup.2] [s.sup.-2] occurs within an 80 km x 80 km neighborhood centered on the point, and 0 elsewhere, (c) The "grid point" NMEP field, which is equivalent to the average of the binary fields generated for all ensemble members, (d) The smoothed NMEP field using a Gaussian smoother with [sigma] = 40 km; this is equivalent to the NMEP field plotted on the SPC HREF Ensemble Viewer.
In this work, the authors give us tow fast programs generate all irreducible and primitive polynomials over a binary field of a fixed degree n.
In the case of binary field arithmetic the Montgomery Parameter [r.sup.2] will be given by [r.sup.2] [equivalent to] r - r [equivalent to] [2.sup.k] - [2.sup.k] [equivalent to] [2.sup.2xk] mod n(x).
Comparing the computation cost for scalar point multiplication using DBCs when the elliptic curve is implemented in the binary field Method [i]/[m] = 4 [i]/[m] = 8 Binary 1627[m] 2441[m] NAF [1] 1465[m] 2225[m] Ternary/Binary [5] 1463[m] 2168[m] DBC (Greedy) [7] 1427[m] 2139[m] Optimized DBC 1369[m] 2037[m] (Our Result) Table 5.
"The tip of the iceberg is the binary field, but the rest of the iceberg is interesting, too.
A gridding procedure is then employed to project the trajectory positions onto a regular grid with 1[degrees] x 1[degrees] resolution, and a binary field is constructed such that the value 1 indicates that at least one trajectory is present in the grid column.
Other subjects are design space exploration for power-efficient mixed-radix Ling adders, a 32-bit decimal floating-point logarithmic converter, and a subquadratic space complexity multiplier for a class of binary fields using a Toeplitz matrix approach.