binary digit

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either 0 or 1 in binary notation

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In terms of the addition of MSD digits m with MAX_ LENGTH bits and the binary digit b, the C conversion is implemented by using the formula c[i]=C[b[i]][m[i]+1], the subfunction P_trans is implemented by using the formula p[i+1]=P[b[i]][m[i]+1], the subfunction R_trans is implemented by using the formula s[i]=R[-p[i+1]][c[i+1]](i=0, 2, .
Now, how many binary digits are needed to encode an analog signal, such as a picture or analog TV signal?
In the Internet variant of the game, the secret is a sequence of 32 binary digits representing a computer's Internet protocol (IP) address.
Today's 32-bit Intel chips can process 32 binary digits at a time.
Beyond that, the quadrillionth binary digit beckons.
If researchers ever find a decimal equivalent of the new formula for binary digits of pi, Kanada and others would be able to push their calculations much higher.
In a striking triptych called ' Nocturnal: Three Moments of a Crossing', the image of a massively magnified pollen grain is juxtaposed with details from a 2,000- year- old instrument called the Nocturnal that was used by sailors to navigate, a shell, water, binary digits, sound waves and more.
Current magnetic storage and recording devices, such as computer hard disks, contain nanomagnets with two polarities, each of which is used to represent either 0 or 1 -- the binary digits, or bits, used in computers.
Let's assume, that in the process of data transmission the error occurs in one of the data blocks (the bit stream from 1 to 8 binary digits was distorted), and instead A we get
In the contemporary world, the language of the computer is the new language of image, and the visual aesthetics of the original (perhaps old) image have been replaced and remembered through binary digits in the machine.
She also topped the Binary Digits and Speed Card events in Thailand.
As a result, some studies quantify information in terms of hardware binary digits, optimally compressed bits, number of word equivalents, or number of hours of consumption.