binary compound

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chemical compound composed of only two elements

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B] are the electron fractions of elements A and B in the binary compound from Eq.
Binary compounds are materials composed of two elements in the periodic table.
The topics are crystal lattices from one to three dimensions, crystal structures of elements and important binary compounds, the reciprocal lattice, direct and reciprocal lattices, and X-ray diffraction.
Hence, we decided to develop workable theoretical models which can be used to predict experimental results on temperature dependence of nanotribology over a wide range of semi-conducting binary compounds.
They discuss the 14 Bravais lattices and the reciprocal to them, basic concepts of point group symmetry, the crystal structure and lattice constants of most elements and about 650 binary compounds.
Abundant tables list suffixes and endings, the structured formulae of ligands, and the names of homoatomic and binary compounds.