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an advocate of bimetallism

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He dug deep into some of the forgotten dystopian fiction of eccentric populists and bimetallists like Ignatius Donnelly and Coin Harvey, finding a trove of conspiratorial thinking and anti-Semitism.
The subjects of his ADB articles suggested the breadth of his interests: from William Henry Gocher, artist, bimetallist and pioneer daylight surfer, to Edward Hammond Hargraves, gold rush publicist.
No account of the development of the American monetary system, however brief, should ignore some reference to the climax of the bimetallist campaign exactly 100 years ago - notably the same time that NACM was born.
Harvey's bimetallist tract Coin's Financial School ([1894] 1963) sold perhaps a million copies (including bulk purchases by silver mining interests), reaching a wide public with its ridicule of academic defenders of sound money and the gold standard, notably a 'Professor Laughlin' who is soundly defeated in debate by the fictional 'Coin'.
The quiet decline of the union was broken only occasionally by the criticism of nostalgic bimetallists and by political tensions between France and Italy, after the latter had shifted its political alliance towards Germany, accompanied by a return to protectionism.