bimetallic strip

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a strip consisting of two metals that bends with a rise in temperature

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These types of breakers have an electromagnet that guards against abrupt surges in the electrical circuit and a bimetallic strip that shields against extended electrical load and overheating.
The Mark I was rapidly followed by several improvements; namely Mark II, III and IV These Fluotecs used a bimetallic strip to provide temperature compensation and the later models improved accuracy at low flows and varying pressures.
Each box would be snug yet spacious, lined with bio-degradable plastic and equipped with a bimetallic strip.
I want students to know why a bimetallic strip bends when it is heated.
Tenders are invited for Alluminium Copper Bimetallic Strip Dimension - 60Mm X 60Mm X 3.
Tenders are invited for 36Mm Aluminum Bus Terminal For 25Kv Isolator Rigid Type With Bimetallic Strip As Per Rdso Spec.
Isolator Clamp for Twin Zebra with Bimetallic Strip