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a deed transferring personal property

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In addition, no exemption from paying transfer fees shall apply for any bills of sale bearing a date preceding that on which the law came into force.
Instead of banning the practice the committee is urging the Government to update the laws with bills of sale written in plain English, to have assets registered with credit authorities so buyers know if debt is secured against them and to require a court order and notice before the asset is seized.
Under the loans, also known as bills of sale, lenders advance money secured against the borrower's personal property, typically a car.
Ministers favour an outright ban on the use of bills of sale for lending to consumers but other measures being considered include the introduction of a voluntary code of practice, and reform of legislation governing the loans.
The Government has launched a consultation to decide whether it's the end of the road for bills of sale, mainly used for logbook loans.
ART OFFICE packs in all the resources needed, from marketing plans and show planners to pricing worksheets, bills of sale, competition records and target market charts.
Everyone thinks furniture, but certain documents are valuable--slave documents, bills of sale, stocks, and bonds," says Phoenix-based auctioneer Rowlan Hill.
Research wills, probate records, plantation records, bills of sale, land deeds and runaway slave information in old newspapers.
The defendants say they have complied with the law by getting the signatures of customers on the bills of sale, and under the new law, are being asked to track and stalk their customers.