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game equipment consisting of a heavy table on which pool is played

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This expertise led the company to be selected by the Chteau de Versailles to recreate the billiard table used by King Louis XVI.
The full-size billiard table has had several owners since over the years, but was considered such an interesting antique piece it was handed back to the National Trust for specialist care.
Lisa Downes, house manager at Speke Hall, said: "We hope to rearrange the billiard room over the winter months so that it will be possible for people to actually use the billiard table from the start of next season.
With only 50 pieces scheduled for world-wide production, King Louis XVI's billiard table is a resemblance of the original master-piece.
The Artistri system has added exciting new aesthetic possibilities for customized billiard table covers and rails, casino gaming tables and other applications where wool and wool blend fabrics are used," said Fred Cohen, president of Championship Billiards.
A hat and scarf hanging on the wall in one of Braque's interiors with billiard table take on an eerie, surrogate human presence that foreshadows the mysteries of Johns' pegboard clothing.
Pool and spa retailer Mike Small has been pleasantly suprised by one recent consumer trend: Billiard table and hot tub combinations sell more than aboveground-pool and patio furniture combinations.
OWNING a full size billiard table is enough to impress most friends - but fancy having one that disappears?
He dug a rectangular pit in the concrete floor of the gallery, slightly broader and longer than the billiard table that sits in it, and exactly the same depth, so that the table's cushioned rim lies flush with the floor surface.
com)-- Family Leisure has added Brunswick Billiard Tables and Accessories, an established company with roots going back to 1845.
South Florida's leading supplier of billiard tables for both the residential and commercial markets.