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Synonyms for billet

Synonyms for billet

Synonyms for billet

a short personal letter

lodging for military personnel (especially in a private home)

a job in an organization

provide housing for (military personnel)

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On the ladle, charge and billet cranes, the three most key to continued operation of the plant, the main hoists are equipped with two motors and differential gearboxes.
"Since the imposition of protective tariffs on billet imports, estimated to be $55-60 per tonne, there has been an increase in costs by EGP 800-900.
Once an initial MCR request is received by your BSO, it will take from one week to a month or more to go through the process and reflect on the billet, depending on the complexity of the issue and how many stakeholders are required to review the request.
And two years later now, Parkhurst can't stop singing the praises of being a Cougars billet family.
As both a written record and a repository for small objects, the Foundling billet is an unusual archival document.
SteelAsia said it had bought 3.24 million tons of billets worth $1.23 billion from Russia from 1998.
Quadrilateral grids are employed to establish the mesh generation of die and billet mesh, and the elements number of billet is 37431, as shown in Figures 3 and 4.
Patent 9,393,735 (July 19, 2016), "Solid State Drawing Laminated Polymer Billets," Hoang T.
EGA employs the Vertical Direct Chill method known as Air Slip Casting - the latest design in billet casting technology.
The company will cast initial heats into six-inch by six-inch billets and then they will be rolled on the 9/10-inch rolling mill at the Lorain plant.
However, there is no factory in the country to process iron ore into billet. Iron sand production has been exported mainly to China and Indonesia imports the material in the form of iron ore sponge iron, and pellet.
My brother was separated from me and wasn't very happy where he was so was moved to another billet. He came home to Birmingham after 12 months.
Rishabh Lath, Director Sarwottam Ispat Limited who was handling this specific project said "In our continuous endeavor to produce quality TMT bars we were looking for a billet caster.
The patent covers the following steps: forming a billet having a continuous and smooth surface comprised of an extruded cleansing base, placing one or more inclusion masses on the continuous and smooth surface of the billet to form an inclusion bearing billet; stamping the inclusion bearing billet in a direction perpendicular to the surface on which the inclusion mass is placed to embed the inclusion mass or masses into a surface layer of the billet to form a personal washing bar having one or more visually distinct surface inclusions.
Billet prices in the Black Sea region rose this week, supported by firming scrap prices and recent robust demand from Iran.