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Synonyms for billboard

a usually public posting that conveys a message

Synonyms for billboard

large outdoor signboard


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The Billboard Latin Music Awards Presented by State Farm is consistently Telemundo's most-watched entertainment special, drawing large audiences across all platforms and screens," said Jacqueline Hernandez, Chief Operating Officer, Telemundo.
It is the first request for a digital billboard in the city since the zoning board rebuffed initial requests two years ago, and since the City Council adopted a new sign ordinance last year.
In addition to the monthly rental fee, billboard clients must pay for the graphics to be printed and installed.
When the name of the product was itself in English and it was also written in English at one corner of the billboard - albeit in quite small letters, the main message could be in English too.
Photos of the billboard circulated on the Internet almost instantly.
The approvals culminate a two-year effort on the part of the outdoor advertising industry to bring digital billboard technology to the city.
The amphibious billboard products provide a wide variety of advertising applications - on the ocean, on the beach, bridges, golf courses, rooftops, highways, parking lots - and are operated globally in over 50 countries.
Similarly there are hitches in using billboard advertising in relevance to the audience watching it.
Union of Owners of Media Billboard Companies said the phenomenon of illegal billboards negatively affected media companies who were working within the law, the union said in a statement Thursday following their meeting with Baroud.
Alarcon said the billboard ordinance now under consideration does nothing to eliminate signs blighting areas today.
In most situations, digital billboards will simply take the place of an already existing print billboard.
34th Street, many billboards built after 1979--including those on the heavily trafficked Long Island Expressway--are to be drastically altered or torn down.
No one knows who started the billboard campaign because he (or she) has chosen to remain anonymous.
To give insight on several issues pertaining to the outdoor advertising controversy, this article presents findings from a national survey of billboard users and nonusers.
In addition, space itself has become a theme, which elicits three possible options: the house as the space that can be penetrated and walked through; the bookcase as the shallow, uniform, containing surface; and the billboard as the flat surface.