bill of indictment

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a formal document written for a prosecuting attorney charging a person with some offense

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The bill of indictment presented against the defendant states that he started to collaborate with the Israeli intelligence service when he was working in a gas station in Kfar Etzion settlement, south of Bethlehem, in 1999.
The bill of indictment includes his multiple failures in Iraq, most notoriously an insistence on an invasion force too small to seize control of the country, his gratuitous intimidation and humiliation of military professionals, his bureaucratic megalomania, and his skill at side-stepping responsibility for bad decisions.
And Cook County jurors were quick to exonerate, "no bill" (that is, not return a bill of indictment at the grand jury proceeding), and acquit killers, even those found glowering over their victims, gun--or hammer--in hand.
At the first session of what is expected to be a lengthy trial, the prosecutor starts reading from a 400-page bill of indictment that depicts the two institutes as engaging in western-sponsored psychological war operations, with the aim of overthrowing the Islamic state.
Edgar Hoover, and as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, a co-prosecutor of the Vietnam War, appeared a perfect fit for the cumulative bill of indictment lodged by his son's new heroes.
Four teenagers, who subsequently became known as the "Derry Four", were charged with the murder of Royal Welsh Fusiliers officer Kirby in February 1979, including Mr McGowan who was named on the bill of indictment.
The SFO revealed that the High Court had rejected its bid for a voluntary bill of indictment, which would have allowed it to take Mr Whiteley and the five others to trial.
However, it was revealed earlier this year the SFO was trying to resurrect the case using an unusual legal procedure known as a voluntary bill of indictment, which would have allowed it to resurrect the criminal proceedings.
Concerning the case of the 22 people accused of calling for the overthrow of the political system, spreading malicious and fabricated news and rumours, transmitting pictures that are harmful to the kingdom's image, protesting illegally and holding swords, the court allowed the lawyers to have access to bill of indictment and meet the suspects and decided to hold the next hearing on June 28.