bill of indictment

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a formal document written for a prosecuting attorney charging a person with some offense

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A refusal to permit a bill of indictment to proceed to the Grand Jury also likely would cause several top level, career FBI agents and Justice Department lawyers with high integrity not only to protest loudly, but to resign rather than be associated with the obstruction of justice.
On Dec 7 2012 the prosecutor of the case of Gagik Papoyan and Simon Aghazaryan affirmed the bill of indictment, which was
The witness will be the key factor for instigating the bill of indictment.
The indictment represents both the legal document by means of which a criminal action is brought before the court and also the bill of indictment.
The bill of indictment includes his multiple failures in Iraq, most notoriously an insistence on an invasion force too small to seize control on the country, his gratuitous intimidation and humiliation of military professionals, his bureaucratic megalomania, and his skill, impressively evident in his memoir, at side-stepping responsibility for bad decisions.
Days before Mikati's speech, the STL had issued its long-awaited bill of indictment, naming Hezbollah figures like Mustapha Badereldine and Salim Ayyash in the Hariri murder.
Lebanon receives the bill of indictment in Al Hariri assassination case and his son describes this as a historic moment.
A security source told KUNA following the issue of the bill of indictment by Lebanon's international tribunal on the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister RafiK Al-Hariri in 2005 that the tight security measures are "precautionary," making clear that situation is still "calm" up till now, and does not raise concern.
The court also provided members of the defence team with copies of the bill of indictment and allowed suspects to meet their lawyers, as well as their families.
According to the bill of indictment read out in court, they are accused of planning the murder of Hadjicostis during the course of two meetings -- one in Nicosia the other in the village of Pera Orinis -- that took place in December 2009 and January 2010.
The bill of indictment, seen by the Financial Times, alleges the crimes were committed between 2004 and 2007 by two former employees of the bank and five businessmen linked to trade finance company CCH and a real estate project in Dubai, the Plantation.