bill of Particulars

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the particular events to be dealt with in a criminal trial

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In Gibbs, a case alleging medical malpractice and lack of informed consent, the defendant moved to compel the plaintiff to provide a bill of particulars and other disclosure responses after three letters seeking the requested information were ignored.
Reyes said Enrile in fact cited the Bill of Particulars in his motion to quash the information, which Tang even denied.
Leave to amend a bill of particulars is ordinarily freely given in the absence of prejudice or surprise, unless the amendment is sought on the eve of trial.
The patient's bill of particulars as to Mount Sinai Hospital and Mount Sinai Surgical Associates, dated December 27, 2005, alleged departures including a "[f]ailure to properly and adequately address and treat his post-operative complaints of numbness, shoulder pain, limited range of motion of the left arm, pains, numbness of the arm, hands and fingers with decreased function and hand to continuously diminish and deteriorate.
Instead of such a sweeping generalized and unsubstantiated dissent, however, why not present a bill of particulars with a cogent defense of an alternative view?
As the bill of particulars against King George III in the Declaration of Independence makes clear, the Framers of the Constitution were painfully aware of what happens when "good military order and discipline" breaks down.
He was paying for his own lawyer because the six-page bill of particulars he sent to Reno included a complaint that the E.
File a demand for a Bill of Particulars with respect to the defenses and counterclaims of your tenant.
In her motion, Reyes argued that the court's Third Division denied her quashal motion because the Supreme Court in August 2015 ruled that the case was presupposed to be valid when Enrile filed a motion for a bill of particulars.
Senate Minority Floor Leader Juan Ponce Enrile asked for the bill of particulars and was granted by the Supreme Court (SC), while his plunder co-accused, lawyer Lucila "Gigi" Reyes never asked for it.
The defendants moved to dismiss the second cause of action, and, in effect, to strike te corresponding allegations in the bill of particulars, contending that New York does not recognize an independent cause of action to recover damages for negligent spoliation of evidence
In Destructive Generation, Horowitz and Collier are a good deal harder on their former comrades than they are on themselves-their tone is accusatory, not confessional-but from incidental remarks, offhand admissions, and, above all, from their attacks on people whose actions and beliefs at the time were identical to their own, one can piece together a bill of particulars.
Appendix E: Demand for Bill of Particulars and Response
In her motion, Reyes explained that the court's Third Division, in denying her quashal motion, cited the Supreme Court's August 2015 ruling that the case is presupposed to be valid when Enrile filed a motion for bill of particulars to specify the details.
So that our readers who are non-lawyers will understand the Supreme Court's (SC) grant of a Bill of Particulars and bail to Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, let me quote some pertinent provisions of the Rules of Court and our Constitution.