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Synonyms for bilious

Synonyms for bilious

relating to or containing bile


suffering from or suggesting a liver disorder or gastric distress

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irritable as if suffering from indigestion

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Forget about the mother losing the birthing weight - that's what the spare bilious clown suit is for - the big issue is what to dress them in.
Dining room red, snooker table green, a hint of blue or shocking pink all spin before your eyes and make you feel bilious.
It doesn't help the Executive trying to gauge the scale of bilious hatred generated by this infamous fixture while trying to draft new laws to curb its most hideous consequences.
Not all characters' reasons for being here are made clear, and at times the willingness of the facilitating therapist (real-life one Ruby Martin) to allow or even encourage bilious, cross-talking intergroup conflict seems perverse.
I daresay if I'd been assigned to carry him off the pitch that day on a stretcher, I'd have feigned a bilious attack and dropped my end, turfing the Geordie recidivist onto the concrete, hopefully knackering his other knee.
Still, the consistently bilious wit at work here exerts a certain fascination.
If she had sore legs, aching feet or a bilious stomach, we'd be none the wiser.
Quite the contrary really; he pitied them, as there, in the bruising strobe or neon lights, with the bilious rainbow-coloured drinks and the crash and scream of what passed for music, no-one ever really talked.
Very little makes me nervous: being on a bus with a stray wasp; the first ten minutes of my radio shows; watching LFC; cauliflower - but I've noticed a sick and twisted,nerve- wracked feeling in my tummy every Friday morning that made its bilious debut a couple of months ago.
We even see Jang at work on his latest feature, a high-flying, "Crouching Tiger"-esque martial arts picture, based in part on "The Little Match Girl" -- and there's more than a hint of bilious cynicism to Rayns' presentation of the footage.
He's fashioned his own signature style and sound, thankfully several leagues removed from the bilious ballads on which he originally made his name.
Presentation: H&M - We might be able to see what you've got if you didn't it cram it in to the rafters; M&S - nothing looks nice against a bilious green backdrop which is more like an A&E waiting room than a retail emporium; The Gap - Just iron something once in a while.
Pic's low concept is to create a 180-degree spin on the date movie, and the result is just short of bilious.
If his bilious attack on 130,364 lone mothers and their children was not so serious, it would be sufficient to dismiss his column as the rantings of a buffoon.
While it displays the proficiency of the RSC's younger, less laureled thesps to good effect, this uncommonly leisurely, often serious-minded version meets some resistance in trying to pull a semi-dark and bilious evening from one of Shakespeare's lightest efforts.