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a dictionary giving equivalent words in two languages

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In order to get distance from the two extremes foreseen by Snell-Hornby (1987) and by Hartmann (2007), one may base on the pragmatism of Zgusta (1984), who argues the bilingual dictionary has, throughout history, presented the equivalence with two different properties: 1.
In Poland, KFD was universally recognized as the second most important twentieth-century bilingual dictionary with English (after the above-mentioned WSAPPA) and cherished especially by generations of Polish students majoring in English; in North America, it was simply the dictionary for the language pair in question.
But, reflecting the requirements of a bilingual dictionary, it adds as a useful innovation the use of red and blue, as well as black type.
This paper described building bilingual dictionary with lexical and commonsense database.
An alternative to this consists in considering all translations provided for a source word in a bilingual dictionary but weighting them by their frequency in the target language (Prochasson et al.
At this age their metacognitive skills are still developing, thus some tasks could have been too complex for them, such as the use of a bilingual dictionary.
Credited with being the first named author in German, he compiled a bilingual dictionary in Latin and Old High German called the Codex Abrogans, often described as the first German book.
Whatever the outcome [of the test], each woman received a bilingual dictionary (Dari to English) because, as it turned out, only a few students had one of their own," said Katarzyna Wojtusik, Ghazni Provincial Reconstruction Team project manager.
Giving a student that doesn't read and write English special accommodations, such as extra time or a bilingual dictionary, doesn't actually level the playing field," says Tim Boals, executive director of the WIDA consortium.
A common strategy for the second group is using a bilingual dictionary, which includes a translation, definition, and a sentence example.
While it is easy to criticize dictionary compilers for what they exclude from a dictionary, compiling a bilingual dictionary of this size (419 pages excluding introduction and appendix) is a huge task.
Query translation can be based on using bilingual dictionary or using the corpora or machine translation.
Two of them are particularly relevant here: the concept of definition, at the core of any dictionary, and the issue of equivalents, at the core of any bilingual dictionary.
It can also be helpful to use a bilingual dictionary with words that neither service recognizes.
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