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linear with respect to each of two variables or positions

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We first briefly introduce the properties of bilinear pairings and the definition of Computational Diffie-Hellman (CDH) problem.
B) is a prehomogeneous pentad for any non-degenerate invariant symmetric bilinear form B.
Proposed and implemented a novel cloud-based security architecture G-CP-ABE with reduced bilinear pairings for EMR database uploading that realizes secure and efficient access control.
Boneh [5],formally published an ID based encryption scheme using bilinear pairings.
1] of the bilinear model is determined by the initial slope of the test curve.
Contrary to the author in [16], the concept of an abstract bilinear control systems has not been considered in [2].
If the bilinear form B is of signature (n - 1,1), the pair (V, B) is called a n-dimensional Lorentz space and the Coxeter system (W, S) with W acting on (V, B) is said to be Lorentzian.
2009), the model incorporated the Universal (Witczak, Uzan 1988) and Bilinear models (Thompson, Robnett 1979) using a user material (UMAT) subroutine in ABAQUS (HKS 2005).
Therefore, ID-based AMKE protocol without bilinear pairing would be more appealing in terms of efficiency.
Among the topics are deterministic bilinear system identification, simulation-based orbit uncertainty propagation, statistical dynamics of learning processes in spiking neural networks, the role of total least squares in the common attitude estimation problem, and the integration of M-dimensional expectation operators.
24] first introduced composite order bilinear groups.
The integration of the three modes is developed to deal with directly the bilinear relationship between the zone temperature and the supply airflow rate, the constraint on the operation range of the supply airflow rate and the year-round variations of the zone cooling load.
The bilinear transformation (BT) transforms the frequency s from the continuous-time domain into the corresponding discrete-time domain for known pass-band edge frequency [f.