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However, BDL is a common experimental model widely accepted and used in rats, which reproduces and allows the study of the biliary fibrosis that originates from several chronic liver diseases caused by cholestasis, including biliary atresia (1).
The current ultrastructural study allowed the identification of four types of HPCs associated with biliary fibrosis: type 0 cells; type I cells--undifferentiated HPCs; HPCs with signs of biliary differentiation, defined as type II cells, that is, the bile duct-like cells; and HPCs with ultrastructural features of differentiation towards hepatocytes--type III cells, that is, the hepatocyte-like cells.
Portal biliary fibrosis evolves into periportal and bridging fibrosis, which eventually leads to cirrhosis.
Light microscopy revealed portal tracts with hypoplasia of the interlobar bile ducts and a discrete ductular metaplasia surrounded by biliary fibrosis. In numerous hepatocytes accumulation of bile pigments was present.
Further studies using other animal models with sclerosing cholangitis and biliary fibrosis [62] are required.
Altered balance between matrix metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in experimental biliary fibrosis. Am J Pathol.
Reversibility of secondary biliary fibrosis by biliodigestive anastomosis in the rat.