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an infestation with or a resulting infection caused by a parasite of the genus Schistosoma

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The Egyptian government has developed plans with the World Health Organization to eventually eliminate Bilharzia from its waters, including through medication programs.
In his current role at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Shiff has lead key research in the relationship between bilharzia (now called schistosomiasis) and bladder cancer, and remains an investigator at the Malaria Institute at Macha, Zambia.
Their latest findings are published in Nature Communications and are expected to contribute to the World Health Organisation's goal of eliminating Bilharzia as a global health problem by 2025.
The delegation got acquainted with Sudan efforts to combat malaria, bilharzia, mycetoma , AIDS, tuberculosis and other tropical diseases , besides its endeavors to control over yellow fever diseases .
16] who reported that the heavy deposition of ova in the submucosa of the bladder leads through its mechanical and toxic irritation to marked epithelial and premalignant changes that pave the way for the disturbing frequency of carcinoma of the bladder in the patients with bilharzia, which is not the case in the ureter.
I was involved in a student project from Oxford University to look at the prevalence of Bilharzia in agricultural workers.
We knew that many of them suffered from such debilitating diseases as bilharzia and malaria, yet they looked healthy with a handsome sheen to their dark skins.
A country willing to rescue backward foreigners from bilharzia would surely be no less zealous in rescuing them from Bolshevism.
Human schistosomiasis otherwise called bilharzia, is a freshwater snail transmitted intravascular debilitating disease resulting from infection by the parasitic dimorphic Schistosoma trematode worms, which lives in the bloodstream of humans.
The minister touched upon the exerted efforts to develop the health services, primary care and control of epidemics, pointing that intensive efforts have been made in fight against malaria and bilharzia, raising immunization rate for children as well as the efforts to deal with other epidemic diseases like Ebola.
Schistosomiasis (also known as Bilharzia, snail fever, or Katayama fever) is caused by flatworm parasites that live in the blood vessels of the bladder and intestines.
Schistosomiasis - also known as bilharzia, snail fever, or Katayama fever - is caused by flatworm parasites that live in the blood vessels of the bladder and intestines.
FULL STORY Humanitarian conditions generally are deteriorating, with an inevitable increase in morbidity: * Darfur states stricken by bilharzia KHARTOUM (7 May 2014) - The Federal Ministry of Health revealed on Tuesday that the Darfur states are on the list of Sudanese states most stricken by schistosomiasis (bilharzia).
HCV was fueled in its early stages by poorly sterilized glass syringes used during a state-sponsored campaign to eradicate yet another liver pathogen, bilharzia, and today continues to spread via health facilities with lax hygienic practices, particularly regarding injections.
Bilharzia has also come into the the WHO's focus after a request made by the Ministry of Health.