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Get out my body scar furred hyenas empty my bilgewater blood from your
(64) For example, the inspectors may require crew members to conduct firefighting drills to demonstrate that they are in fact trained in that evolution, as the Safety Management Certificate attests; to lower and raise a lifeboat to ensure that the davit works properly and that the crew knows how to operate it; or to demonstrate the operation of pollution-prevention equipment, such as the oily-water separator (or OWS, a device that removes oil from a ship's bilgewater so the cleansed bilgewater can be discharged overboard).
I took a swig of the stinking ol' bilgewater from the bottom of this ship and walked down 14th St.
Quoting from Ulysses, 'the sailor [...] the noise of his bilgewater [...] splashing on the ground', Senn points out that 'noises don't splash' (p.
Therefore, the most logical way to talk and write about an awarding of diplomas is "I was graduated from Bilgewater State in 1968," and that passive construction was the traditional idiom from the 16th century into the 19th century.
Just as even the most seaworthy ship must steadily pump out bilgewater, cells continuously rid themselves of chemicals that don't belong inside.
In pre-wire days, a correspondent might have written something like this: In a rarely granted rencounter last evening with His Majesty's Lord Chancellor, that most gracious Lord Bilgewater, he condescended to acquaint me, and thus the readership of this journal, of some of the most important affairs occupying the attention of Government ...
What effect might the dumping of millions of gallons of inadequately treated sewage, oily bilgewater, and other potentially toxic wastes have on the reef's fisheries and the existing tourism economy?
Senator Mary Ellen Bilgewater was ambushed before she could get to her Saab.