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a pump to remove bilgewater

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Also, it was hard to load with ice and keep the bilge pump submerged, and the extendable handle of the cooler kept opening and snagging when trying to put it in the baggage compartment.
And as soon as you flip the bilge pump switch, all that gunk ends up on the ground.
The stolen items include a ship's telegraph, a binnacle with compass, a ship's walker log, a bilge pump, a light starboard, a ship's two sleeved wooden block, a submarine safety lamp, a brass fishing float, an 8-inch gimbal ship's candle lamp, a 12-inch bronze cleat, a 14-inch four sided ship's lamp, two iron bellying pins and a wooden bottle with brass rings.
Challenger I started taking on water after its bilge pump broke down, said Greta Berlin, founder and spokeswoman of the Free Gaza Movement, which organized the flotilla of ships that sailed from ports around the Mediterranean for the rendezvous off Cyprus.
Payne is an internationally recognized expert in marine electrical systems and electronics who brings to bear his many years of experience and expertise to the technical issues as he addresses the specific issues of marine plumbing systems, fresh water systems, hot water systems, galley plumbing systems, watermaker systems, salt water systems, bilge pump systems, shower (gray) water systems, sewage (black) water and MSD systems.
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9: Bilge Pump, Alsatian, Lifeless, and Killing Castro, Doctor Browns, Middlesbrough, pounds 3.
Water was leaking into the device, and the bilge pump inside it - installed specifically to handle leakage - failed.
It happened last week in the Faroes thanks to skipper Alasdair MacPhail and his motley crew of John "Buckie John" Geddes, James Hepburn, Bob Laing, Dave Brownlie and a lager swilling bilge pump known to everyone as "Buckfast".
The bilge pump to clear floodwater was inoperable, a crucial hatch cover was removed and watertight doors, which should have been locked, were tied open, the court heard.
In all, the skaters have spent about $800 on shovels, wood, a bilge pump, concrete mix and reinforced steel.
And I don't think spending $80 million to $100 million on political ads and mailers is going to prime our economic bilge pump, so of course the pundits are laughing at us.
2 kwh per day, when the boat's heater, air conditioner, bilge pump and lift are all running.
The hatches are leaking, he can't find the bilge pump and he has to bale by hand, but instead of issuing an S.
Other new features included an automatic starter and a bilge pump for the floating bulkhead.