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Synonyms for peritonitis

inflammation of the peritoneum

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Some patients may present with sepsis from severe bile peritonitis, jaundice or intra-abdominal infection.
We also identified that patients with bile peritonitis and complex hilar injury also had a greater risk for developing late biliary stricture.
Surgical treatment of bile peritonitis in 24 dogs and 2 cats: a retrospective study (1987-1994) Vet.
Complications associated with PTBD include catheter dislodgement, hemobilia, bile peritonitis, and pneumothorax.
In early postoperative period MBD injuries in 34 patients were manifested by augmentation of mechanic jaundice and in 20--by bile peritonitis, in 10--by profuse bile excreting along the drainage from the abdominal cavity, and in 11 patients--by two or more complications.