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a duct formed by the hepatic and cystic ducts

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If US demonstrates dilated intrahepatic bile ducts and a hilar tumour is suspected, MRCP is the next investigation of choice, as more accurate non-invasive imaging of the level and extent of the bile duct obstruction is obtained (Fig.
You might have a serious bile duct obstruction or infection:
Results from the study, which enrolled patients with an intermediate risk of bile duct obstruction, showed that magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) had a negative predictive value of more than 96%.
A Ttube cholangiogram performed 2 weeks after the procedure showed no common bile duct obstruction or stricture, and the T-tube was removed.
However, a marked elevation in liver ALP levels, especially when the ALT and AST are normal or only modestly increased, suggests bile duct obstruction or disease of the bile ducts, such as primary biliary cirrhosis or primary sclerosing cholangitis.
It can lead to bile duct obstruction and cysts, and diabetes.
Symptom relief and quality of life after stenting for malignant bile duct obstruction.
Bile duct obstruction due to portal biliopathy in extrahepatic portal hypertension: Surgical management.
In the first case, the patient had a very short history of portal hypertension and radiological findings clearly demonstrated by extrahepatic bile duct obstruction that resulted in intrahepatic biliary duct dilatation, sludge and calculi formation.
LOS ANGELES -- Mirizzi syndrome is an uncommon cause of bile duct obstruction, but one that it is vital to recognize, David L.