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a duct formed by the hepatic and cystic ducts

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Percutaneous drainage and stenting for palliation of malignant bile duct obstruction.Eur Radiol 2008; 18(3): 448-56.
Moreover, cholesterol overload exacerbates BDL-induced deterioration of liver function, including increased total and free bilirubin and TBA in serum since day one after BDL, but not in Sham animals, indicating that this response is a consequence of bile duct obstruction. Interestingly, hepatic TBA content increased as a result of HC feeding, with no significant further increment following BDL as opposed to chow fed mice, which exhibit a time-dependent increase in liver TBA, reaching similar values observed in HC fed animals at day three.
Often, cholestatic jaundice caused by intrahepatic hepatocellular disease may be clinically and biochemically indistinguishable from cholestasis due to extrahepatic bile duct obstruction. The most common intrahepatic causes of jaundice are viral hepatitis, alcohol-induced hepatitis, cirrhosis and drug-induced jaundice.
You might have a serious bile duct obstruction or infection:
Results from the study, which enrolled patients with an intermediate risk of bile duct obstruction, showed that magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) had a negative predictive value of more than 96%.
A Ttube cholangiogram performed 2 weeks after the procedure showed no common bile duct obstruction or stricture, and the T-tube was removed.
An increase in conjugated bilirubin suggests decreased secretion or bile duct obstruction. If [greater than] 50% of the total bilirubin is conjugated, either hepatocellular dysfunction or cholestasis may exist.
It can lead to bile duct obstruction and cysts, and diabetes.
Infection secondary to malignant bile duct obstruction may result in cholangitis, symptoms of the digestive tract, hepatic failure and renal insufficiency, sepsis, and even death.
She continued the maintenance steroids for 1 year and followed up for 18 months, during which time the bile duct obstruction was completely relieved, without any indications of tumor involvement.
Roundworms can cause this due to bile duct obstruction; however, our case presented with a clinical picture of acute on the top of chronic cholecystitis with no evidence of parasitic infection or mucocele.
While the majority of patients remain asymptomatic, 5-30% of cases develop symptomatic bile duct obstruction, cholelithiasis, and cholangitis [4].
(26) Clinical presentation is influenced by the immediate consequences of the injury, namely leakage of bile, bile duct obstruction or a combination of both.
Randomised trial of endoscopic stenting versus surgical bypass in malignant low bile duct obstruction. Lancet 1994; 344: 1655-60.