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the property of being symmetrical about a vertical plane

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CT findings in pulmonary TB patients with or without DM CT findings TB with DM TB without DM P (n=93) (n=100) Bilaterality 58 (62.
Impact of severity and bilaterality of visual impairment on health-related quality of life.
The following information was collected from the medical records of the patients: gender, age, tumor size, bilaterality, multifocality, lymph node metastasis, capsular invasion, extrathyroidal invasion, TNM staging, recurrence stratification (RS), and postoperative complications.
sup][3] The previous study has reported mortality as high as 20% and seems to be associated with bilaterality and sudden onset of RPE.
Hair-tourniquet syndrome--multiple toes and bilaterality.
The lesions in these diseases, however, can be distinguished from traditional CHRPEs in their characteristic pisciform shape, bilaterality, and multiplicity of lesions.
Given the specific features of this case--the fluctuating history, the bilaterality of the hearing losses, and the response to steroid therapy--the diagnosis was revised to AIED.
Bilaterality and multi nodularity are more common in luteomas than in the other ovarian tumors.
17Papillary renal cell carcinoma (PRCC) comprises10 15% of the renal cell carcinomas with higher rate of bilaterality and multicentricity than the clear cell variant.
Supporting evidence includes a low incidence of dysphonia in childhood, with over two thirds occurring after 40 years, (7) and findings of bilaterality and higher rates of sulcus in patients with cancer or inflammatory laryngeal changes.
One study suggests that bilaterality doesn't necessarily indicate that the child needs to be treated.
The presenting chest X-ray pattern (airspace pneumonia, interstitial infiltrate and bronchopneumonia), extension (number of lobes involved, unilateral or bilaterality patches) and physical examination (respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory signs such as consolidation, rales, reduced breath sounds, rhonchi, or evidence of pleuritis or effusion) were also recorded.
Toder also reveals that science's recent ability to measure brain function in real time has demonstrated an increase in bilaterality that begins only at midlife, and it has also been noted that thoughts and feelings are better integrated in mature adults than they were at any previous life stage.
Also combined with the bilaterality of the lesions, we postulate that environmental factors, including HPV, are likely to be a factor in the aetiology of the tumours.