bilateral contract

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a contract involving mutual promises (each party is both promisor and promisee)

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Bilateral contracts generate in general the following special effects, applicable in principle to the carriage contract too, which is considered to be a bilateral contract: a) the rule of simultaneous performance--mutual obligations of the parties have to be simultaneously executed.
However, considering the large number of variables and the high volatility level of electricity spot prices and the bilateral contract prices, it is necessary to formulate methods to solve this supply problem minimizing the total supply cost and the risk associated, seeking better cost management and generating value for the company.
In the following judgment, the Dubai Court of Cassation classified the relationship between a Brokerage Agency and the investor as an agency created via agreement subject to the general statutory provisions governing bilateral contracts, and the provisions governing commercial agencies set out in the UAE Commercial Transactions Law.
This matrix represents the energy traded between generators and loads, for example, GD(3,6) = 78 means that the generator in bus 3 has a firm bilateral contract for 78 MW with the load located in bus 6.
He concluded that the terms proposed involved action on the part of both parties and thus found a bilateral contract.
Neither carrier nor shipper wants anything more elaborate than an honest, transparent, mutually beneficial, and bilateral contract agreement that provides discernable benefits to each party.
As a result, it was found out that not only finding bilateral contract and arranging international meetings occupy a lot of time and they require full time working hours but also there are different kinds of problems and worries in terms of the students who attempt to participate in LLP of Education faculty in Sinop.
Cereals traders say India has held talks with Kazakhstan to secure a bilateral contract for wheat, after New Delhi was forced to import the grain in the past two years, but added that it was unclear if any deal had been signed.
Lebanese government officials on April 25, 2007, faulted delays on negative politics in Damascus and on new terms of the bilateral contract signed in Cairo earlier.
YOU have entered into a bilateral contract so you must pay the sum agreed and they must do the work agreed.
Prices in the various electricity exchanges, which serve as guides for bilateral contract prices, should not represent the "true" price of electricity.
The signing of the contract will follow the successful conclusion at the end of March of negotiations between the Tokyo company and Kuwait to renew their bilateral contract.
For newcomers to the field, a derivatives instrument is a bilateral contract or payments-exchange agreement whose value is measured by the value of one or more underlying instruments, reference points or markets.
Under this provision, if pursuant to a bilateral contract, an option is granted by a corporation to purchase its tax consolidated subsidiary that otherwise would be deemed exercised under the option rule, the actual sale date is used as the change date if it occurs within one year of the option date.
The contract is first made for a fixed period of 12 months (including the pilot period), after which it may continue until further bilateral contract termination.
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