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Synonyms for bilateral

having identical parts on each side of an axis

affecting or undertaken by two parties

Related Words

having two sides or parts


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Inicialmente se penso que se trataba de un embarazo ectopico derecho con un hematosalpinx izquierdo, sin embargo, durante la manipulacion de las trompas para su adecuada visualizacion, la trompa izquierda expelio a traves de su extremo fimbrial material claramente sugestivo de trofoblasto, hecho que elevo la sospecha de un embarazo ectopico bilateral.
The mechanism of Bilateral Political Consultations provides a useful platform to review bilateral relations and discusses future areas of cooperation.
In the current financial year, a total of 44 APAs (7 Bilateral and 37 Unilateral) have been signed till date, the CBDT said in an official notice.
He said since China and Pakistan signed a bilateral currency swap agreement in 2011, bilateral monetary cooperation has been deepening between the two sides.
Pakistan's central bank had stated on Tuesday that public and private sector enterprises may use the yuan for bilateral trade and investment.
He went to a bilateral meeting with Russia,' Roque said in a text message.
Economy experts said that Pakistan has great potential for bolstering bilateral trade with other SAARC countries and it should evolve strategy on this count.
We have arranged bilateral exercises, which hopefully will be very successful, useful and rewarding and will further strengthen our bilateral relations.
The Tunisian ambassador expressed his country's keenness on supporting various areas of trade and economic bilateral cooperation and welcomed bolstering cooperation mechanisms between BCCI and its Tunisian counterpart so as to serve the joint economic interests.
If two countries would like to take up that issue in their bilateral meeting, then they are free to do so," he said.
6,7) There has been an increase in the number of published case report of bilateral tubal pregnancies following the use of induction ovulation, but spontaneous bilateral unruptured tubal pregnancy remains a rare event.
In contrast, the bilateral mastectomy group consisted primarily of non-Hispanic white women less than 40 years old with private insurance.
Since Ritter and Randolph performed the first detailed study of the functional outcome of simultaneous bilateral THA in 1976, there has been ongoing discussion regarding the advantages and disadvantages of one-stage versus two-stage procedures.
Bilateral radical mastectomy was done and resected specimens were received.
However, bilateral tubal pregnancy is a rare clinical condition which occurs in only 1 per 200,000 pregnancies.
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