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a word that is written with two letters in an alphabetic writing system

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But major disadvantage in their system is that they manually assigned fuzzy Score for opinion words and they don't give much more importance to the bigram features in the review.
The unigram model performed better than the bigram model.
Items within triplets were matched as closely as possible on word length, initial phoneme, word frequency (Kucera & Francis, 1967) and positional bigram frequency (Solso & Juel, 1980).
For each pair of words <noun,noun> or <adjective,noun>, a search in WordNet is made to verify if at least one synset exists for the bigram <[w.
One study, by Cherkassky, Vassilas and Brodt [3], evaluated the effectiveness of fully dimensional bigram and trigram feature vectors for spelling correction.
4% of 676 possible bigrams including 31 (20%) of 156 vowel-containing bigrams, 43 (28%) with the other PAs listed below.
Pointwise mutual information gives the direction of association (whether a bigram occurs more often or less often than expected, based on the frequencies of its parts), but this measure is unreliable with sparse data.
There are six SOCCER ANALYZER modules, of which three analyze basic events (shown in the figure as the basic, techniques, and shoot processes), and the other three carry out more high-level analysis (shown as the bigram, Voronoi, and statistic processes).
In this experiment, we apply the semantic clustering approach only for noun-noun bigram MWEs; however we believe that it can be extended to any types of MWEs.
I reported on my research on polyphonic ciphers, in which the object was to assign the 26 letters of the alphabet to ten symbols (the digits 0 through 9) in such a way that one could most readily reconstruct the original text from the digital stream by replacing each pair of two successive digits with its most likely letter bigram.
Given a corpus parsed by LTAG grammar, we can compute the statistics of supertags, statistics such as unigram, bigram, and trigram frequencies.
Bigram features--concatenations of the previously described features computed for two consecutive tokens: word bigram, lemma bigram, POS bigram, shape bigram, and cases bigram.
In the sentence "the boy eats," a bigram model (a model where the state remembers the one previous word) would be sufficient to model the relationship between boy and eats.
The most commonly used versions are bigram (N = 2) and trigram (N = 3) models.
The following examples illustrate that a bigram consisting of a vowel and a consonant (or the reverse) can represent [e]: