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Synonyms for bigotry

Synonyms for bigotry

irrational suspicion or hatred of a particular group, race, or religion

Synonyms for bigotry

the intolerance and prejudice of a bigot


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It is noticeable how similar anti-Welsh language bigotry is to other forms of racism by some in a dominant majority convinced it's an oppressed minority.
Americans must stand united in opposing those who aim to divide us through hatred and bigotry.
Years of work on the part of civil rights and human rights workers and volunteers to create a more united country and to make discrimination and bigotry unacceptable feel like they're being eroded
A number of journalists have violated the code of ethics, risking the creation of hate, bigotry, and racism, the island's media watchdog has said.
Instead, the SNP have slashed the budget to tackle bigotry and defend the discredited Act.
Is comedy the best way to counter bigotry and hatred?
If we truly love this country and are concerned for humanity, we need to focus on the rise of bigotry because this is a huge problem that could undermine Turkey's image and disrupt global peace.
It is unfortunate that this minority British tendency to bigotry appears to have formed an alliance with the German anti-Muslim organisation, Pegida, which has been largely contained in Germany due to swift action by German authorities and a successful and popular campaign against its dangerous propaganda.
I am used to hearing this sort of bigotry from those on the far right but from a man of faith, it was beyond belief.
I am not sad because Mark Cuban seems to believe that prejudice and bigotry are like the common cold, things we should treat when they break out, but acknowledging all the while that we will never be rid of them, and I am not sad because he believes fighting prejudice and bigotry exacts a price.
But in January he left the Republican Party, an exit he blames on entrenched bigotry within its ranks.
I REFER to "Muslim veil ban row: Debate over the niqab provokes bigotry says expert" (Mail, September 18).
It is crucial that the child's needs come first and a safe, loving and tolerant environment is provided free from all prejudice and bigotry.
Most likely the writers of these letters will be offended at being called bigots, but this is probably a bigotry based on ignorance.