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Synonyms for bigoted

Synonyms for bigoted

not tolerant of the beliefs or opinions of others, for example

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blindly and obstinately attached to some creed or opinion and intolerant toward others

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Bigoted language or abuse online is a huge turn-off for the vast majority of people.
Rather than direct me to serious scholarship on the Rothschilds, like historian Niall Ferguson's multivolume history on the family, Amazon first recommended blatantly bigoted content.
The same level of bigotry is seen in the National Assembly when the name of Dr Abdus Salam is sullied by those who are bigoted and completely ignorant in science.
It also provided space to bigoted politicians to indulge in hate-speech against an already persecuted minority of the country.
His comments are stereotypical and bigoted showing a total intolerance to any opinion differing to his own.
Vera's police and crime commissioner.Vara Baird said: "Events during the last week have caused many people to think about the future and what it holds - however, what it does not mean is that we are prepared to tolerate the bigoted views of a small minority.
I consider him offensive and bigoted," said the British author, who received PEN's Literary Service Award for her "extraordinary creativity" and for her efforts on behalf of institutionalized children and other humanitarian causes.
Rowling, never one to mince words about politics, said Monday that American presidential candidate Donald Trump is "offensive and bigoted" - but she supports his right to be that way.
Superstitions, fabricated hadiths and bigoted beliefs that have no place in the true Islam constitute the foundation of this belief system.
Fortunately, the bigoted host appears to be in a minority.
"We also reiterate our view that violence in response to anti-Islam programs like the one in Garland is more insulting to our faith than any cartoon, however defamatory, bigoted speech can never be an excuse for violence."
Fear about increased crime is a bigoted view in any circumstance, house prices falling simply shows the assumption of similar bigoted views held by prospective buyers, cost of maintenance is a joke when we consider the fiasco of the "bunker" cost in Colwyn Bay.
"Young people are not born bigoted. They become bigoted because of the bigoted views of adults and their peers.