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Synonyms for big-shouldered

having broad shoulders

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Think of 1940s style and you think chunky platform shoes, big-shouldered, wasp-waisted suit jackets with pleated skirts, headscarves and a colour palette dulled by war.
Big-shouldered jackets and skinny belts are on my list.
NDES, the show that has been the premier national exhibition for OEM component manufacturers for decades, announced a change of venue--moving away, in 2006, from the shores of Chicago to one of the Big-Shouldered city's northwest neighborhoods: Rosemont, by O'Hare airport.
Became a camp icon in the '80s by wearing big-shouldered Nolan Miller gowns on Dynasty,
Sir Simon Rattle's conducting makes the score quiver with humor and Jazz Age excitement on those big-shouldered, Gershwin-esque melodies.
Tanna Farms "is a thrilling, beautiful, big-shouldered course," said GolfVisions President Tim Miles, Sr.
A LAND DOWN UNDER THIS big-shouldered red from champion winemakers McGuigan is full of passion and drive.
He will handle fast ground next season but he is a big-shouldered horse.