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Annuska Arponen Wife Annuska says that AnttiAAEs big-heartedness is one of his best qualities.
DISY councillor Andreas Papacharalmbous said his party, who disagreed with the late Papadopoulos' policies when he was in power between 2003 and 2008, was doing it out of big-heartedness to honour "his history.
She may rebuff Hannah Mae's insistent invasiveness with we-have-nothing-in-common scorn, but it's only a matter of time before the table is turned and Maude is liberated by her pesky neighbor's brash big-heartedness.
But few will match the bravery and big-heartedness shown by Birmingham participant Victoria Littlehales.
But then, that's what the film's most crucial audience needs to hear, and it underscores the film's big-heartedness.
Publishers Weekly, in its review of the present volume, lauds her "Frank O'Hara-inspired verve," which is probably related to "the clear-eyed big-heartedness of Frank O'Hara" the same journal discerned at work in Mlinko's debut, Matinees.
Because for all that we put on a facade of generosity, fairness and big-heartedness, there's a reflex judgment in so many of us which cruelly equates a single teenage mum in a high rise with one word - scum.
Tony Stevens, managing director for Redrow Homes (Lancashire), based in Chorley, said: "I'd like to thank all who attended for their support, for without their big-heartedness, we wouldn't have been able to make such a sizeable donation.
Lynn Robson, a transplant co-ordinator at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, said: "These figures show the big-heartedness of people in the North East.
The couple form a close team, with Linda's enthusiasm and motherly networking skills complementing Peter's steady, practical and creative business sense and big-heartedness.
WS minus 20 minutes: Thanks to logistic difficulties--involving permits and gate keys and Sapsucker big-heartedness, I am riding in the van for the start of the contest.