big money

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a large sum of money (especially as pay or profit)

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That's why we will be able to drive big money out of our democracy.
"He has the quality, and that's why we spent big money to sign a player like him.
But Father, me I don't care what they say or what the old big man from the big money house says, they must find our container oo.
That is why Common Cause Oregon has called on every candidate running for the legislature and the Secretary of State to embrace the Fighting Big Money Agenda.
Instead, nearly 50 percent of the big money managers surveyed held a neutral outlook for the year ahead.
Critique Breaking Big Money's Grip on America lives up to its title as a call to action.
Sober and strident, Breaking Big Money's Grip on America is a "must-read" in today's modern era where political advertisements are regularly and legally financed by gigantic corporations (which are considered to have the same "free speech" rights as individual people in the landmark Supreme Court decision "Citizens United").
We wish to say: 1) In all our cases, big money overpowers any opposition, political or otherwise; 2) really big money controls the wealth of the nation (Who outside of the PPP network knows if the funds of the partnership are being used for the best purposes of the country?); 3) big money can control outcomes at the level of an individual family (it may not even know it is determining grants and subsidies); 4) if the crux of a problem moves away somewhat from money, it will be harder to deal with.
"We have got some people earning big money who just don't want to do it," says coach Keiron Cunningham.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is reportedly set to make a big money move for Mats Hummels in an attempt to beat Manchester United to the signing of the Borussia Dortmund defender.
The 34-year-old star was upset when RTE told him The Big Money Game he hosted with Sinead Kennedy won't return this summer.
Seluk blasted: "City pay big money but do not understand that human relations mean more than anything - Yaya feels the club do not want him."
"The club have made some big money and we will try to reinvest that wisely on new players.