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At the end of a week the big house full of beds was half empty.
His people were wealthy and titled, and he went home to England and sold cat's meat, sat around their big house till they gave him more money to start a rubber plantation in the East Indies somewhere, on Sumatra, I think--or was it New Guinea?
The butler in Miss de Barral's big house had seen the news, perhaps earlier than anybody within a mile of the Parade, in the course of his morning duties of which one was to dry the freshly delivered paper before the fire--an occasion to glance at it which no intelligent man could have neglected.
Dreams of fast cars, big houses and celebrity status.
He said the present government had levied tax only on elite and welltodopeople while tax on big houses and increased in the duty of luxury vehicles.
Abu Dhabi: Many big houses in the Philippines remain empty as their Filipino owners live abroad with their families.
Bryan said the success of shows like Downton Abbey has inspired great interest in how the big houses worked in Ireland.
His research and publications, in particular The Decline of the Big House in Ireland(2001); The Big Houses and Landed Estates of Ireland A Research Guide (2003), and his report to the Irish government A future for Irish historic houses (2003) has concentrated academic, political and public attention on these houses.
Volunteers formed the Big Houses group to research the grand homes and the families who lived in them.
Locals who grew up with the reminders got together and formed the Big Houses group to research the 19th Century mansions and the families who lived in them.
Summary: Baghdad city is expanding internally by destroying big houses and building several smaller ones in their place.
In the introduction to my Decline of the Big House in Ireland (2001) I defended the confinement of that study to the geographical area of the twenty-six counties by stating that because of the different socio-economic and political conditions which existed in the six north-eastern counties of Ulster as much before 1920 as after the passing of the Government of Ireland Act of that year, big houses in Northern Ireland required and deserved a separate treatment.
In the early days, according to Cox, visitors poured through the iron gates into the halls of the Big Houses, buying products and mementos from the inmates.
Big houses couldn't live up to their proponents' promises or opponents' fears.
Bhagalpur, Mar 29 (ANI): Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on Sunday claimed that her party was the only alternative to the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), whose policies are influenced by big houses and brokers.