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If I could do that and nothing else, you wouldn't be needed to pull the big guns at all.
Then the big guns came by, and I saw Two Tails and two other elephants harnessed in line to a forty-pounder siege gun, while twenty yoke of oxen walked behind.
And while Rose fans are sensing a chance to draw a big gun in the fourth round of the senior cup, straight-talking McGlynn admits its a lengthy run in the junior version that is their bread and butter.
Play Like a Pro, Accelerate Your World In addition to the temporarily free iPhone version, Big Gun has begrudgingly decided to walk down the road of releasing.
However, as intimidating as a big gun may be, there are many instances in a woman's life where carrying a big gun is impractical or prohibited.
I encourage every Big Gun to reserve March 13-16 for NAA's annual Capitol Conference.
Even minus the big gun we can give the infantry a lot of support.
Where's the bulldog, tough as nails persona that somehow seems to taint everyone's conception of the prototypical, if not stereotypical, corporate big gun lawyer?
to do the impossible--come up with a defense that might spike the big gun or at least slow him down.
Another Premiership big gun faced Division 4 opposition, as Sutton took on M.
For their part, the Chippewa hired an equally big gun, lobbyist Paul Eckstein, a former Harvard Law chum of Secretary Bruce Babbitt's.
BEIJING, March 2, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- After one year of development, Chinese game developer 9thQ is about to announce the release of their iOS platform first-person MMORPG, Big Gun.
The chief executive of Northern Defence Industries, David Bowles, said the return of big gun building to Tyneside would be a very emotional moment.
Birchwood Casey's Sheath rust preventative, Bore Scrubber bore cleaner and synthetic Gun Oil are all available in large long-lasting sizes for shooting sports enthusiasts with big gun maintenance duties.
Though they remain a big gun for protecting foods," he asserts, "they would only become another BB shooter in the medicinal arsenal.