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But it's big girl's blouses no more as this most stalwart of fashion items has finally bitten the dust.
While some celebs may have come across as big girl's blouses during the trials, former contestant Jennie Bond proved she was made of tougher stuff.
And however you look at it, Becks is a better role model than those big girl's blouses Princes Andrew and Edward, who couldn't come up with a talent if their lives depended on it and who, in terms of character, aren't fit to lick Beckham's dirty football boots.
If the police are Hell-bent on testing new recruits, how's about they develop a test to weed out the men from the big girl's blouses - big girl's blouses like PC John Franklin who won pounds 108,000 in damages this week after his wrist got hurt by a pair of handcuffs during a training course and resulted in depression.
If Greece can keep Thierry Henry and David Trezeguet quiet, and then shackle the competition's top goalscorer (Milan Baros), it's hard to see big girl's blouses Nuno Gomez and Pauleta frightening them.