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a stock exchange in New York

the large display board at the New York Stock Exchange that reports on stocks traded on the exchange

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The Big Board has estimated the amount of improper trading by the specialists at pounds 84 million, and is seeking fines in that amount from the specialists.
As the WorldCom and Tyro scandals were emerging in the spring of 2002, the exchange issued a new set of governance standards that all companies had to meet to be listed on the Big Board.
And while the NYSE has said it's ready for decimalization, industry observers think it's highly unlikely the Big Board will make the change on its own.
MONTREAL, March 13 /PRNewswire/ -- These days big board stocks don't bring much confidence to any investors.
Did anyone stop to analyze what might have happened to the Big Board if Grasso had played technology the wrong way, or if he had failed to lead a rebound from the devastation of the terrorist attacks?
Larson figured out which tiles on the Big Board never bankrupted anyone; his hand-eye coordination carried the day.
Through 2000, the Big Board has spent S2 billion on technology, with similar spending levels likely to occur during the years ahead.
New Orleans-based Doley Securities shells out $90,000 to be the third minority on the NYSE's Big Board.
We are pleased to be making the move to the Big Board," said Jack Golsen, Chairman & CEO of LSB Industries.
Siemens' shares began trading on the Big Board in the form of ADRs on March 12, 2001.
As part of its long-term objectives, and to heighten both its profile and its multiples, the company timed its Big Board listing to coincide with an aggressive search for mergers and acquisitions opportunities in the U.
Richard Torrenzano was SVP and chief spokesman for the NYSE and a member of the Management (policy) and Executive (operations) Committees for the Big Board.
In today's environment, there is little difference between big board stocks and penny stocks.
Ten years ago, when personal computers were relatively new, a PC was a big board with lots of chips on it.
We expect to be relisted by the New York Stock Exchange shortly after we complete these filings and we look forward to being back on the Big Board where our stock has been listed for more than 99 years.