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a bifurcating branch (one or both of them)

the place where something divides into two branches

the act of splitting into two branches

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Despite so much literature on the experiments and modelling of bifurcation behaviour of the NO-CO reaction on Pt catalysts, several questions are unanswered.
They avoid bifurcation of the entire process by throwing leadership from all parts of the business together to challenge and probe each number.
This bifurcation that splits religion from the civil order is a huge mistake.
For the purpose of this article, bifurcation means dividing a case into two separate trials: one in which a jury determines liability, and a second trial in which a jury determines damages.
Cette analyse suggere que la bifurcation est le resultats du paradigme du bicommunautarisme, qui a domine au Quebec depuis 1960.
For Whitehead, the epistemic problem created by the bifurcation of nature is no less real than the value problem it also creates.
Again, the bifurcation rules apply and, in this case, the rules would treat each note as a debt instrument and a series of six sequential cash settlement options on the index.
After a brief introduction motivating the use of bifurcation theory in economics and a mathematical review that nicely balances the non-specialist's needs for both accessibility and rigor, Rosser's book goes on to cover the broad scope of applications.
Although the new rule can hardly be characterized as "simplification," this split stands as an ingenuous way of legislating the bifurcation principle while avoiding the severe complexity inherent in the House bill.
the leading developer of stents designed to treat bifurcation lesions, today announced an initial closing of an aggregate $24 million financing.
feeder &Augmentation of xmer 16 to 63 KVA for load bifurcation of 63 Kva Existing xmer&additional 63 KVA xmer for load bifurcation of 100 KVA existing various village under Nankatthi D/c,Estt.
Presiding over a meeting with Deputy Directors Technical and Store Managers of all eight circles here on Tuesday, CEO Mepco Engineer Muzaffar Ali Abbasi directed to submit details about bifurcation of feeders, balancing and overload transformers.
15 ( ANI ): Union New and Renewable Energy Minister Farooq Abdullah has expressed his anguish and pain over the recent incidents of pandemonium inside parliament over the Andhra Pradesh bifurcation issue, and said that lawmakers of today have no substance in them.
The oft repeated question has once again become the subject of animated discussion in political circles here as the opponents of the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh make every possible effort to further delay the process by seeking more time from Indian President Pranab Mukherjee for debate on the draft bill in the state legislature.
DETAILED reports on bifurcation of various resources and assets in Andhra Pradesh will be ready by November 7, Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said on Saturday.