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divided into or made up of two parts

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Hearn wrote that the court's holding as to appealability would apply only where a claim or defense has been finally determined following a bifurcated hearing.
The tipster implied the approval of the "bifurcated judgment" would give ( Jolie and Pitt the opportunity to "emotionally move on" from their marriage.
However, as there was a large difference in the diameter between the descending thoracic aorta (31 cm) and the bifurcated aortic graft (20 cm) in this patient, we used two tapered stent grafts which were deployed in a reverse fashion starting from inside the bifurcated aortic graft and extending upward toward the midthoracic aorta.
Aortic disorders company Endologix (NasdaqGS:ELGX) announced on Monday the first commercial implant of its AFX 2 Bifurcated Endograft System in the US for the treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA), a weakening of the wall of the aorta, the largest artery in the body, which results in a balloon-like enlargement.
Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated in June last year, and Telangana become India's 29th state.
And instead of lowering the rent, they increase the rent of each part of the bifurcated apartment.
Brian Curry's article, "The Trouble with Rates in the Subdivision Development Method to Land Valuation" (Spring 2015), does an excellent job of discussing the use of bifurcated and non-bifurcated rates in such analyses.
Societal changes that followed spawned territorial consolidation in Georgia and created an emerging bifurcated racial society that facilitated a burgeoning plantation-based culture.
But this show's sole work, Bifurcated Life, 2011--comprising twenty-eight archival prints, each identically framed and hung in a single line across three walls--ultimately gives a more complicated portrait: The hastily generated, half-cocked thoughts scrawled by the artist in pencil suggest the hand of a Concrete poet crossed with a serial killer.
In the right circumstances, moving for bifurcated discovery with the goal of bringing an early summary judgment motion can be an effective tool in fending off protracted litigation.
and Europe are more willing to use new technologies such as bifurcated and bioabsorbable stents, while Japanese and Latin American cardiologists are more resistant, citing the lack of long-term clinical data, early recoil and technical challenges as drawbacks to these technologies."
It is possible a CDP hearing appeal will be subject to bifurcated judicial review, with segregated issues being considered by both the Tax Court and a district court.
The nation's economic recovery cycle has been bifurcated, with those areas quick to recover now falling into a more sustainable growth pattern, and markets that lagged the recovery are experiencing accelerated economic growth over the forecast horizon.
If, according to Kompanichenko, Mercury and Venus bifurcated from the same parent planet, Mars and Earth bifurcated from one parent material, and if the Earth (a planet) and its Moon (satellite) bifurcated from the same parent material, etc., then the dating of the rock minerals with the same assumed parent body should give the same age.