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divided into or made up of two parts

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In addition, they consider the unitary tee but not the bifurcated fee introduced later in this article.
The FlowMedica Bifurcated Infusion System delivers therapeutic agents directly to the kidneys through a dedicated infusion catheter, allowing simultaneous coronary procedures and agent infusion through a single access site in the femoral artery.
The court further said that the trial court exercised its discretion, and ordered the matter bifurcated in the interest of convenience and judicial economy.
The vaccine is administered by superficial inoculation (scarification) with a bifurcated needle.
The bifurcated approach would give effect to this economic reality.
vascular implant bifurcated polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe), expandable ringed removable 6mm x 12 x 50cm, individually packaged, sterile, non-pyrogenic, disposable.
We believe that if a state is bifurcated, its administrative capacity will reduce, and the bifurcated states will not be able to sustain themselves.
Although, a dry port has been made functional at Margalla Station due to the suspension of train service for years, it would be bifurcated to make the passengers train service operative.
provided a $7,144,000 Bifurcated Supplemental Co-terminus loan to Vista Ridge, LP for Vista Ridge Apartments.
Each of these had been transformed into a storefront display containing the artist's vision of one half of America's bifurcated political realm, pairing photographs that leaned rhetorically to the left or right with consumer goods and commercial signage.
1997), clarified that investment banking fees paid in a successful merger transaction could be bifurcated into deductible and non-deductible components based on the nature of the underlying services.
Novel coronary stent system designed to treat bifurcated vessels
But no such help was necessary in a bifurcated work that was, if anything, too literal.
The basic Opticon head contains an aiming light and an infrared detector and accepts a bifurcated fiber bundle, The aiming light transmits visible light down one branch of the bundle while infrared is transmitted up the other branch to the detector.
With 147 patients achieving four years of follow-up and 55 patients reaching five years, no long-term follow-up bifurcated study patients have experienced aneurysm rupture.