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eyeglasses having two focal lengths, one for near vision and the other for far vision

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The new Acuvue bifocals cost between pounds 270 and pounds 400 per year depending on your optician.
In the past, presbyopes relied on vanity-crushing bifocals or reading glasses, but Dr.
Unlike previous concentric and diffractive bifocals with a 'bulls-eye' construction, the Acuvue bifocal (Johnson & Johnson) is designed to provide the optimum correction needed under different lighting conditions.
While improving the poor eyesight of many since then, Franklin's bifocals also provide a lesson in the kind of vision that businesses must possess to be successful.
Table 1 A review of myopia control data from 2011 (26) Method Cochrane review conclusion (2011) Spectacles Under-correction versus full * Limited evidence favouring correction full-correction compared with under-correction Progressive addition lenses * Clinically insignificant benefit of versus single vision using PALs * Dioptric refractive error changes are not supported by changes in axial length and corneal curvature Bifocals versus single vision * Limited and inconsistent evidence Contact lenses Bifocal versus single vision * Although a study has shown soft bifocal contact lenses to help reduce myopia progression, the study was described in the Cochrane review as being at 'high risk of bias' Rigid gas permeable lenses * Conflicting evidence.
While the results of a subgroup of studies showed that there was no significant gender-related difference in the eye's ability to focus clearly on objects at near distances, the overall analysis provided evidence that women have a need for higher power reading glasses or bifocals than men of an equivalent age.
Until now, clinicians requiring larger prescriptions or bifocals in the carrier lens were limited in the styles of frames available.
My bifocals and I are making our way through this brave new invisible-line world where what you see depends on how you hold your eyes.
New research by Cardiff School of Optometry and Vision Sciences Downs Syndrome Research Unit has found that children may only need to wear bifocals for two years before returning to ordinary glasses.
My bifocals even play havoc with the crosshairs in my scoped rifles.
I am having a very difficult time adapting to my first pair of bifocals.
What do bifocals, paper money, and lightning rods have in common?
With its premium intraocular lenses (marketed under the name Crystalens), Eyeonics is working toward enabling patients to have cataract surgery and be able to leave their bifocals at the hospital.
After a great deal of frustration with my new bow, I came to the conclusion that with my eyesight and bifocals I simply could not use a peep sight.
The optometrist had no idea how Giron had managed without glasses since he needed bifocals.