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having two faces or fronts


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Anatomical traits Blackbrush Xerophyte Sclerophyll Reduced cell size X (X) (X) Well-cutinized epidermises X X X Thickened epidermal cell wall X (X) X Uniseriate epidermis X Biseriate epidermis X X Hypodermis X X Bifacial palisade X X Isolateral palisade X Intercellular air space X X Table 3.
The quarried slabs were thinned and shaped by bifacial flaking, then hammer-dressed on both faces to produce 'dressed' grindstone blanks (Figure 4), similar to those at the Innamincka quarries.
com), a "leading company for energy and environment," together with AVACOS Solar Energy, a Canadian solar photovoltaic installation and project integration company, unveil the first Canadian photovoltaic system combining SANYO's HIT(r) (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin-layer) Double bifacial solar PV modules and DuROCK Tio-Coat reflective roof membrane at DuROCK Alfacing International Ltd.
The characteristic form, the classic bifacial handaxe, represents a significant cognitive advance over the Oldowan simple core choppers and derived blades.
Cores were likely produced both during the production of flakes (for use in cutting and scraping tasks) and during bifacial reduction.
A soil layer "closer to the surface than to the mastodon bones" yielded a bifacial projectile point (Shoshani 1984).
A principal criterion in assigning some fragments to one side or another of the bifacial stela is that when the monument fell, one side was protected from extreme damage, while the other was exposed.
Forenbaher, Staso, Production and exchange of bifacial flaked stone artifacts during the Portuguese Chalcolithic (BAR International Series, 756).
Roosevelt surmises that some of the triangular, stemmed bifacial points were used to spear large fish, and based on the bones they uncovered, some of those fish were up to five feet long.
A total of 131 chipped stone tools (projectile points, utilized flakes, bifacial and unifacial items), 33 ground stone tools (manos and metates), four fire-cracked rock samples (5-10 rocks in each sample), one ceramic sample (four sherds), and 33 sediment samples (80-100 ml each) were submitted for CIEP analysis.
The tool kit now includes hand axes, cleavers and other large bifacial tools used for butchery, bone breaking and perhaps wood working.
bSolar expands its global presence with the US launch of its breakthrough bifacial solar cells and modules that generate higher energy yields at lower costs
Contract Awarded to Produce the modules for a bifacial, high-efficiency and integrated solar system to be installed at a Migros Aare Cooperative building in Switzerland.
bSolar Introduces New Bifacial Silicon Solar Cells II-50
The assignment of small (<4cm maximum dimension), pointed bifacial items to the class lithic projectile point' is based on a lack of other wear (e.