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Synonyms for biddy

an ugly, frightening old woman

Synonyms for biddy

young bird especially of domestic fowl

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Biddy, now 84, said: "The good thing was the world was our oyster because there was nothing you couldn't cover.
The good thing was the world was our oyster because there is nothing you couldn't cover," says Biddy, now 84.
My husband had often mentioned that Biddy Mulligans is also home to Scotland's smallest pub so I went for a nose.
They love people and although Biddy is a little less fond of taking centre stage, she is really easy-going and both are super-friendly.
He and wife Biddy Fisher have twice entered the rally before.
Biddy, a six-year-old labradoodle, walked away with the title of B&M's local hero for all the work she does alongside the charity Pets As Therapy at University Hospital in Walsgrave, just over the road from the new store.
Phylis's eldest daughter, Biddy Dove, 79, said: "She has worked hard all her life for her family.
I don't bleat to anybody and this old biddy as you so disrespectfully refer to me has never had a doctor out.
One was Peter Holden, head of the Young Ornithologists' Club; the other was Biddy Baxter, editor and powerhouse behind BBC's Blue Peter.
Welshman Glyn Davies, from Ebbw Vale, retired to New Zealand in 1986 to live near his son Colin and wife Biddy, but he died unexpectedly in 1995.
I can still see my daddy sitting in the living room, with Betsy broken down, as he carefully cleaned and oiled her, lovingly telling me, again, how brave Uncle Biddy and all the guys were who fought in the war.
Further consultation revealed the family's connection to an Aboriginal woman well known on the Hawkesbury River in the nineteenth century, Biddy Lewis.
My arthritis makes it difficult for me to walk, but the lads make such cheery comments and cannot do enough to help this old biddy negotiate the obstacle course.
Alan and Biddy Ribchester, of Ribchester Associates, Edgbaston, who have just celebrated their 25th year in business.
Ansley Mall is an incredible shopping center featuring national Tenants such as Publix, CVS, Pier 1, LA Fitness, Panera Bread, Starbucks, Pet Supermarket, Cook's Warehouses, and Sean Doty's new restaurant Bantam + Biddy.