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Synonyms for bidding

Synonyms for bidding

Synonyms for bidding

an authoritative direction or instruction to do something

a request to be present


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(bridge) the number of tricks a bridge player is willing to contract to make

References in classic literature ?
He drew a ring from his finger and gave it to Aladdin, bidding him prosper.
She then confessed all, bidding him ask the vizir's son if it were not so.
She lost no time in telling Aladdin, bidding him make haste.
The princess then opened the door to Aladdin, and flung her arms round his neck, but Aladdin put her away, bidding her to leave him, as he had more to do.
He entered her cell and clapped a dagger to her breast, telling her to rise and do his bidding on pain of death.
Come with me, stranger, and I will do thy bidding in an humble frame of mind.
I know that since I have so humbly done thy bidding thou wilt carry me back again.
Meantime, the Friar kept digging his heels into Robin's sides and bidding him hasten, calling him many ill names the while.
Give me my sword, and I promise not to draw it against thee save in self-defense; also, I promise to do thy bidding and take thee upon my back and carry thee.
The auctioneer's glance, which had been searching round him with a preternatural susceptibility to all signs of bidding, here dropped on the paper before him, and his voice too dropped into a tone of indifferent despatch as he said, "Mr.
The bidding was brisk, and Will continued to share in it, remembering that Mrs.
Instead of bidding for good will, he was bent on making Michael do the bidding.
His noble spirit will not be quelled until he either slays or is slain; or until he hears the voice of the shepherd, that is, reason, bidding his dog bark no more.
So I set down one of the muskets and the fowling-piece upon the ground, and Friday did the like by his, and with the other musket I took my aim at the savages, bidding him to do the like; then asking him if he was ready, he said, "Yes.
Unions wary of proposed merger: While US Airways, now bidding to take over Delta, has won high marks from investors for its efforts to integrate with America West, union reaction has been less than enthusiastic.