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a person who rides a bicycle

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near Alder Street, and police said it most likely happened after the bicyclist failed to obey a traffic- control device; no citations were issued.
Given this critical need to address pedestrian and bicyclist deaths and injuries on the State's roads, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), in partnership with local governments and community groups, developed a comprehensive safety awareness campaign.
With the progress in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), more vehicles being manufactured today are equipped with pedestrian and bicyclist Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) systems because of their potential to reduce car-to-person crashes [1].
Virginia clarified its law to allow drivers to cross a double line in order to pass a bicyclist, pedestrian or other non-motorized road user.
Better police reporting of crashes involving bikes could aid in building safer environments for bicyclists, found a study published in April in Injury Prevention.
likely to impact the future of bicyclist safety and behavior.
The bicyclist, a 66-year-old woman from Sturbridge, was flown to UMass Memorial Medical Center -- University Campus in Worcester, where she is being treated for head, neck and back injuries, police said.
NEW YORK -- Nicole Kidman says she was shaken up after being knocked down by a bicyclist on a New York City sidewalk.
The turquoise plate has the silhouette of a bicyclist along with a simulated yellow caution “Share the Road” street sign.
The rangers followed the subject on foot and observed him meet with another bicyclist waiting along the trail.
But even if every rider wore their helmet and drivers were sober and buckled, this still would not reduce the pedestrian and bicyclist fatality number to zero.
In the April/May 2004 Matters of Scale, you claim that a bicyclist will get the equivalent of 31 miles to the gallon if he eats meat, versus 300 mpg if he gets his energy from wheat.
And, yet another bicyclist was rescued by passers-by as the lion tried to pull her away.
There, the plaintiff, a bicyclist, was injured when his tire became stuck in a sewer grate.