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valve with two cusps

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Clinical and special investigation features of aortic stenosis Aortic stenosis History Exertional dyspnoea Angina Syncope Physical findings Small-volume, slow-rising pulses Narrow pulse pressure JVP normal, unless heart failure or MV disease Pressure-loaded undisplaced apex beat Soft or single second heart sound Crescendo-decrescendo ejection systolic murmur at base of the heart Radiated to carotids Longer murmur = more severe High-pitched widely radiating murmur: Gallavardin effect--can be mistaken for MR Systolic click in bicuspid valve may be heard Special investigations ECG Left ventricular hypertrophy CXR Normal-sized heart (ventricle) Aortic calcification Post-stenotic dilatation: especially in bicuspid valves Table 4.
The expansion of the trial includes the addition of high risk surgical patients; 2: 1 randomisation against a commercial device, the Medtronic CoreValve; a 912-subject pivotal cohort treated at up to 45 US sites; and registries for non-femoral access points and bicuspid valves.
TAVR has also been tried successfully in several 'off label' indica- tions such as in patients with bicuspid valves, severe MR, reduced left ventricular ejection fraction, and low gradient, low output AS (59).
([section]) Case-patients: aortic valve defects, 10 (no bicuspid valves); mitral valve defects, 9 (no prolapse); tricuspid valve defects, 4.
Most people have a tricuspid or three-leaflet aortic valve, but an estimated three to five percent of the population has a bicuspid aortic valve, and research has shown that bicuspid valves are more prone to stenosis, Dr.