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valve with two cusps

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The presence of both bicuspid valve per se and aortic stenosis could have contributed to the development of aortic dilatation in the index case.
Patients that underwent TAVR procedures for off-label indications (bicuspid valve and aortic insufficiency) and/or valve in vale (VIV) procedures were included in the analysis.
The cause of aortic stenosis was rheumatic in 4, bicuspid valve in 27 and degenerative calcification in 16 patients.
Clinical and special investigation features of aortic stenosis Aortic stenosis History Exertional dyspnoea Angina Syncope Physical findings Small-volume, slow-rising pulses Narrow pulse pressure JVP normal, unless heart failure or MV disease Pressure-loaded undisplaced apex beat Soft or single second heart sound Crescendo-decrescendo ejection systolic murmur at base of the heart Radiated to carotids Longer murmur = more severe High-pitched widely radiating murmur: Gallavardin effect--can be mistaken for MR Systolic click in bicuspid valve may be heard Special investigations ECG Left ventricular hypertrophy CXR Normal-sized heart (ventricle) Aortic calcification Post-stenotic dilatation: especially in bicuspid valves Table 4.
2-DE demonstrated that three protein spots were significantly over-expressed and 4 were significantly down-regulated in the bicuspid valve patients compared to the tricuspid valve patient [16}.
The anterior leaflet of the tricuspid valve was excised and the valve reconstituted as a bicuspid valve. The patient made a full recovery and discharged 5 days after surgery.
"I have a bicuspid valve, which means I have a two-way rather than a three-way valve and my heart is under more strain than normal.
"Childbirth carries the risk of causing deterioration in a bicuspid valve, so it's not a good idea.
It is therefore important to identify those women who do have a bicuspid valve and start them on prophylactic antibiotics prior to any surgical procedure.